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NEFERTI is an E.S.Co. ("Energy Service Company") accredited by the Authority for electricity and gas to operate in the market for energy efficiency, while providing, as partners ,to administrations, as well as both public and private companies, the analysis, development, implementation and subsequent management interventions for energy efficiency and related energy efficiency certificates.

NEFERTI originally created to offer, mainly in the petrochemical and pipeline sectors; engineering services, field engineering, planning and cost control, supervision during construction, and HSE management. At the same time NEFERTI was involved in:
  • development of support software for the management control of business processes and support for construction and instrumentation;
  • Supply chain management;
  • accounting;
  • Optimized power supply of the free market (supply / demand side);
  • Multi supplier (base load + peak load);
  • Management of dispatching problems;
  • Minimization of balancing costs and transportation.

Subsequently, the focus of the company has expanded to include advisory support strategies idealing with the Authority and with national and local managers.